NC Research Papers used by William McCreight

for the book 'The Forefathers of North Carolina Pioneer Andreas Kilian'

All North Carolina files and documentation gathered and used by William McCreight.

  • North Carolina County formation from 1740-1800. pdf file
  • North Carolina Land Grants.  [coming]
  • Captain Samuel Coburn's Militia list.
  • Andreas Killian Signature on document renouncing other allegiance. pdf file
  • Andreas Killian Will. pdf file
  • AndrAndreas Killian Signature on will.  pdf file
  • Other Signatures
    • Andrew & Biber 1766 jpg
    • Mathius & Susanna Biber jpg
    • Andrew & Mary jpg
    • Marthin Kilian jpg
  • Lutheran Church Synod

Some archives files are jpg and others are pdf which require a pdf reader. You can use the free adobe reader or the free foxit reader. I like the foxit reader as it is much smaller and faster then the adobe reader.